TEAM is backed by the East Anglia Gospel Partnership (EAGP) – one of a number of such partnerships set up across the country to promote gospel ministry. 

The course is led by Josh Monteiro (Pastor of a new church, Emmanuel Church, Northstowe) with regular input from a number of ministers and church workers in the East Anglian region, with occasional invited speakers from further afield. 

The steering group includes: Katherine Price (St Matthew’s, Cambridge), Matt Lillicrap (Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge); Mike Kendall (St Neots Evangelical Church), Simon Scott (All Saints, Little Shelford), Chris Lowe (St John’s Orchard Park), Tim Savage (TEAM 2 Course Director) and Tom Hutchings (StAG, Cambridge).

course director

Josh Monteiro

Josh is staff elder at Emmanuel Church Northstowe, a recent church plant in a new town being built north of Cambridge. He was a student on the TEAM course when he was a church apprentice at St Peters Harold Wood 2005-2006. He’s worked as a UCCF staffworker and assistant pastor, and studied theology in Oxford and Bristol. He is married to Karuna and they have four children aged 7 to 1.