TEAM is a ministry of the East Anglia Gospel Partnership (EAGP) – one of a number of such partnerships set up across the country to promote gospel ministry. 

The course is currently directed by Josh Monteiro who is Pastor of a new church, Emmanuel Church, Northstowe, and is helped by a number of ministers and church workers from East Anglia, with occasional invited speakers from further afield. 

The steering group includes: Chris Lowe (St John’s Orchard Park), Rachel Browning (Christ Church, Cambridge), Matt Lillicrap (Hope Community Church, Cambridge), Mike Kendall (St Neots Evangelical Church), Andrew Harland (Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge), Tim Savage (TEAM 2 Course Director) and James Steer (StAG, Cambridge).

course director

Josh Monteiro

Josh is staff elder at Emmanuel Church Northstowe, a recent church plant in a new town being built north of Cambridge. He was a student on the TEAM course when he was a church apprentice at St Peters Harold Wood 2005-2006. He’s worked as a UCCF staffworker and assistant pastor, and studied theology in Oxford and Bristol. He is married to Karuna and they have four children aged 10 to 4.