The apostle Paul told Timothy to ‘pass on the baton’ of the gospel – it was to be entrusted to reliable people who were qualified to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2)

Training for East Anglia Ministry (TEAM) exists to help train these people, whether they teach in the pulpit or the youth group; whether they go into paid ministry or minister alongside their other responsibilities; whether they are young or old. We want to help people in East Anglia proclaim God’s truth, care for his people and build his church.

TEAM training.

TEAM focuses on helping people understand and teach the Bible – be it in an up-front, small group or one-to-one setting.

We are unashamed in this focus on interpretation and communication of Scripture so that we can speak God’s word rightly and relevantly today. TEAM also spends time looking at a broad spectrum of Christian ministry including areas like counselling, evangelism, mission and youth work. The course is taught through a mix of lectures, discussions and small gro up work. We aim that all our content will stretch minds while maintaining a practical focus.

TEAM runs on Wednesdays,

10am – 4pm

for three ten-week terms between September and July. It is held in the heart of Cambridge at Eden Baptist Church and is easily accessible from Cambridge bus and train stations.


In January 2019 a new course launched, to follow on from TEAM.  

Tim Savage is the TEAM 2 Course Director.  Module 1 is ‘Power through Weakness’, Module 2 is ‘The Local Church: Christianity’s best kept Secret’.  Module 3 will launch in January 2020 and is entitled ‘Life’.