Is TEAM for you?

TEAM is open to men and women of all ages from all denominations and church groups. 

We are looking for people with a desire to learn and to grow in ability in Christian ministry. Students include a wide range of people: some work for churches as apprentices or lay assistants or youth/children’s workers, some are working people who take time off to do the course, others are retired. If you would like to apply for TEAM at the next academic year please download an application form and the TEAM brochure.

What does TEAM offer?
  • Opportunity to listen to God’s word carefully together
  • An overview of Biblical theology tracing the major themes of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation
  • Hands on practice in understanding and teaching God’s word
  • Stimulus to develop your own discipleship and spiritual maturity
  • Systematic theology of core doctrines
  • Insight into various aspects of contemporary Christian ministry
  • Fellowship with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds
What is the cost of the course?

From September 2019, the cost of the course will be £200 per term, totalling £600 for the year. This is payable at the start of each term. This covers course handouts, any books that may be used as part of the small group stream and refreshments (but not lunches). 

TEAM does offer a bursary for students who require it. For any further information about a bursary please contact the TEAM Administrator, Alison Webb using the contact form below.

For more information get in touch with TEAM administrator Alison Webb

TEAM Administrator, Eden Baptist Church, 1 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, CB1 1ER

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