Training for East Anglia Ministry

Meeting an Urgent Need

The apostle Paul told Timothy to ‘pass on the baton’ of the gospel – it was to be entrusted to reliable people who were qualified to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2). Training for East Anglia Ministry (TEAM) exists to help train these people, whether they teach in the pulpit or the youth group; whether they go into paid ministry or minister alongside their other responsibilities; whether they are young or old. We want to help people in East Anglia proclaim God’s truth, care for his people and build his church.

TEAM Training

TEAM focuses on helping people understand and teach the Bible – be it in an up-front, small group or one-to-one setting. We are unashamed in this focus on interpretation and communication of Scripture so that we can speak God’s word rightly and relevantly today. TEAM also spends time looking at a broad spectrum of Christian ministry including areas like counselling, evangelism, mission and youth work. The course is taught through a mix of lectures, discussions and small gro up work. We aim that all our content will stretch minds while maintaining a practical focus. TEAM runs on Wednesdays, 10am – 4pm, for three ten-week terms between September and July. It is held in the heart of Cambridge at Eden Baptist Church and is easily accessible from Cambridge bus and train stations.

***NEW  TEAM 2 from January 2019*** details at the bottom of the page

TEAM Course content

1. Bible overview

Tracing through the Bible’s unfolding storyline, which finds its climax in Jesus Christ, this detailed Bible overview shows how Genesis to Revelation fits together, and enables us to interpret individual passages within their biblical context.

2. Bible handling skills

Through lectures on how to understand, apply and teach the Bible generally, and a series of lectures on how to understand and teach a number of different types of Biblical literature, students are given the tools to handle the Bible well.

3. Core Doctrines

Exploring key doctrines of the Christian faith – such as the person and work of Christ, salvation, the church and eschatology – gives us greater confidence in the truth of what we believe.

4. Practical ministry

Pastoral and practical ministry sessions help equip us for real-life ministry.  We consider pastoral counselling, sexual ethics, evangelism, and think through ministry to children and youth, the elderly and overseas students.

5. Hands on practice

The last session most weeks is in small groups. Here, in a supportive group, students get a chance to put into practice what they have been learning in understanding the Bible, applying the Bible, leading a Bible study and giving a short Bible talk. One or two students will prepare to present each week, and then the small group and an experienced Bible teacher provide encouragement and help to sharpen up these skills.

Course Tutors

TEAM is backed by the East Anglia Gospel Partnership (EAGP) – one of a number of such partnerships set up across the country to promote gospel ministry. The course is led by Josh Monteiro (Pastor of a new church, Emmanuel Church, Northstowe) with regular input from a number of ministers and church workers in the East Anglian region, with occasional invited speakers from further afield. The steering group includes: Katherine Price (St Matthew’s, Cambridge), Julian Hardyman (Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge); Mike Kendall (St Neots Evangelical Church), Simon Scott (All Saints, Little Shelford), Chris Lowe (St John’s Orchard Park), Tim Savage (TEAM 2 Course Director) and Tom Hutchings (StAG, Cambridge).

What does TEAM offer?

  • Opportunity to listen to God’s word carefully together
  • An overview of Biblical theology tracing the major themes of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation
  • Hands on practice in understanding and teaching God’s word
  • Stimulus to develop your own discipleship and spiritual maturity
  • Systematic theology of core doctrines
  • Insight into various aspects of contemporary Christian ministry
  • Fellowship with like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds

What is the cost of the course? 

From September 2019, the cost of the course will be £200 per term, totalling £600 for the year. This is payable at the start of each term.  This covers course handouts, any books that may be used as part of the small group stream and refreshments (but not lunches). TEAM does offer a bursary for students who require it.  For any further information about a bursary please contact the TEAM Administrator, Alison Webb.

Dates for 2018-19

Autumn Term: 19 September – 28 November (Half term 24 October)

Spring Term: 16 January – 27 March (Half term 20 February)

Summer Term: 24 April – 3 July (Half term 29 May)

What are the term dates for 2019-20?

Autumn Term: 18 September – 27 November (Half term 23 October)

Spring Term: 15 January – 25 March (Half term 19 February)

Summer Term: 22 April – 1 July (Half term 27 May)

Can I join the course part way through or just do one term? 

Unfortunately we do not accept applications part way through the course and we encourage students to complete the full TEAM programme over the year as otherwise valuable teaching material will be missed.

Is TEAM for you?

TEAM is open to men and women of all ages from all denominations and church groups. We are looking for people with a desire to learn and to grow in ability in Christian ministry. Students include a wide range of people: some work for churches as apprentices or lay assistants or youth/children’s workers, some are working people who take time off to do the course, others are retired. If you would like to apply for TEAM at the next academic year please download an application form and the TEAM brochure;

TEAM Brochure 2019

TEAM application 2019/20

For more information

Contact the TEAM administrator Alison Webb: 

TEAM Administrator, Eden Baptist Church, 1 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, CB1 1ER

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***NEW*** TEAM 2

In January 2019 a new course launched, to follow on from TEAM.  Tim Savage is the TEAM 2 Course Director.  The first term  is entitled ‘Power Through Weakness’.  The second term will run from September 2019… details available soon!

Term 1: Power through weakness

Near the end of Paul’s most personal and emotional epistle, he makes a surprising confession: ‘When I am weak, then I am strong’ (2 Corinthians 12:10). Taken at face value, it sounds like nonsense. How can one be, simultaneously, both weak and strong?

Yet on closer examination, Paul is imparting a profound truth. In fact, probably nowhere else does he expound the riches of the Christian life in greater depth. For those of us who wish to plumb the meaning of being ‘in Christ’, we must seek to make sense of the paradox of power through weakness. Read more…

Tim Savage (PhD, University of Cambridge, ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) is a pastor, author, international conference speaker, and founding council member of The Gospel Coalition. He has ministered in churches in Arizona, Great Britain, and Texas. Married to Lesli, they have two adult sons, Matthew and Jonathan. Tim is author of No Ordinary Marriage.


Each TEAM 2 term will be a series of five class sessions, approximately every two weeks, with homework and preparation in between.  Classes will be held in Eden Baptist, and you can choose to attend the Thursday evening stream (730pm) or the Friday morning stream (10am).  The course is intended for those who have completed TEAM year 1 or similar.

Cost £50 per term.

If you would like to apply for TEAM 2, please download the application form, complete and return to the TEAM administrator at .

TEAM 2 Application